Progressive Sports Betting System

What is Progressive Betting?

Progressive betting is a system in which the bettor adheres to a set amount for each bet, and increases the amount as they gain profit. In addition to sports betting, progressive betting systems are also used in other gambling activities, such as blackjack and poker. This type of betting is more common among sports fans that are interested in making money from betting on a regular basis; not the occasional $50 – $100 bet on your favorite team or the championship game.  Here is a video outlining what progressive betting is.

Positive and Negative Progression

Progressive betting is broken down into two basic systems, known as positive and negative progression. These systems determine how the bet is adjusted, based on which one is being used. The systems are simple and straightforward. If the positive progression system is being used, stakes are increased when the bettor wins, and decreased when the bettor loses. However, if the negative progression system is being used, stakes are increased when the bettor loses, and decreased when the bettor wins. While these systems are popular among casino gambling, they can be applied to other forms of gambling, including sports betting.

Positive Progression

The basic idea behind why the positive progression system should be successful (in theory), is that profits will be maximized during a winning streak, and losses should be minimal during a losing streak. Using the positive progression system is simple. The bettor starts out with a base amount (stake). The amount increases by that same amount when a wager or bet is won. When a bet or wager is lost, the stake remains the same as the base amount. For example, if the initial stake is $15 and a wager is won, the amount of the stake would then increase by $15. However, if the wager results in a loss, the stake returns to just $15.

Negative Progression System

The negative progression system operates just as simply as the positive progression system, but in the opposite way. This strategy also seems to be the riskier of the two systems. Unlike the positive system, this system is based on the theory that winning will happen at some point. The danger in this system, is that it implies that continuing to increase the stake when losing will eventually result in larger profit when the losing streak finally ends. However, the time when the losing streak will end cannot be determined. Some of the known negative progression systems are: Martingale, Labouchere, D’Alembert, and Fibonacci.

Of course gambling and betting in any type of sport or game presents a risk. Although it can be harmless fun in some settings, it is advised that these betting systems be used with discretion, and careful consideration.

Finding the Best Rated Online Casino

Thanks to modern technology and easy access to the Internet, online casinos are more popular now than ever before. You do not have to drive to the nearest casino to engage in some gambling. There are websites which are designed to look and function like your favorite casino. The online gambling industry has expanded more than ever due to the smartphone revolution. It is estimated to be worth over $50 billion in 2017 going forward. Are you a fan of online gambling? Here is how to go about finding the best rated online casino.


The reputation of an online gambling website is a very important factor to consider before you commit to one and begin betting in their games. The most reputable online casinos are the ones that already have a large presence in the industry. These are run by companies that have great brand value. Stay away from online gambling sites which are run by companies that you have not heard of or don’t seem popular online. Moreover, you can refer to user reviews so as to know which sites are legitimate and which ones are not. These reviews can be found in the forums and message boards of people who enjoy gambling. Simply join one of them and watch out for the most reputable websites to join.

How much variety of games they have

There are some online casinos that have one or two games only. Others have a huge variety of games for you. Some of them will allow you to play the games for free while others will require that you make a deposit first. In most cases, the best rated online casino websites are the ones which have a huge variety of games that you can play for free before you place a wager. A variety indicates that the website has a large following. Moreover, the fact that you can play for free shows you that they are not a fraud.

Consider the payouts

Different online casinos have unique forms of payouts. Some websites are dedicated to players who are known as high rollers. These are the ones who wager a lot of money on every bet. On the other hand, some websites are dedicated to gamblers who prefer to bet low amounts. These ones have games known as penny slots. Highly rated online casinos will offer both experiences in the same platform. They will accommodate high payouts and low ones too. Thus, if you find a website that provides this, you can go ahead and join it.

If you are seeking instant entertainment and the chance to make money quickly, online casinos are your best bet. Thanks to technology such as smartphones, tablets and WiFi, you can get online easily and gamble. The tips above can help you to find the best rated online casinos to play in. Follow them to enjoy making money and getting entertained at the same time.